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2020 | Volume 31

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2019 | Volume 30

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2018 | Volume 29

MLTF On Watch Winter 2018 Vol. 29 No. 4 (299 downloads)

Volume XXIX, Vol 4


  • Deployed to the Border: A Test of Conscience for Service Members
  • Military Equal Opportunity Policies
  • New Navy Policy on ‘Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions’
  • Army Captain Under Scrutiny for Tweeting Facts About U.S. Military
  • Update on Military Transgender Policy
  • Report from 2018 NLG Convention in Portland
  • Member News

MLTF On Watch Fall 2018 Vol. 29 No. 3 (290 downloads)

Volume XXIX, Vol 3


  • Rescuing 17 Year Olds from Military Enlistment Contracts
  • NNOMY Counter-Recruitment Summit Report
  • Report on Selective Service Commission Hearings: Chicago
  • Personnel Provisions of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act
  • Thinking About MLTF’s Future
  • Members’ Thoughts on MLTF Future Priorities

MLTF On Watch Summer 2018 Vol. 29 No. 2 (553 downloads)

Volume XXIX, Vol 2


  • Understanding And Dealing With Defenses, Mitigation, Extenuation And Aggravation For US Military Absence Offenses – Part 2
  • Opportunity For Increased Discharge Review Fairness And Transparency Under Review Board Supplemental Guidance
  • Commission On Selective Service Holds Hearings
  • Transgender Service Ban – Continuing Attempts To Discriminate
  • Report: Gi Rights Network Annual Meeting
  • Opinion: Use Of The Military In The Age Of Trump
  • Obituary: Jeffrey Segal

MLTF On Watch Spring 2018 Vol. 29 No. 1 (768 downloads)

Volume 29, Issue 1


  • Understanding and Dealing with Defenses, Mitigation, Extenuation And Aggravation for US Military Absence Offenses – Part 1
  • New Military Policy on Harassment
  • Countering Military Recruitment
  • Using Social Media in the Military
  • Update on Military Transgender Policy
  • Personnel Provisions of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act
  • The Vital Congressional Hearing on the Endless War That Probably Nobody Watched

2017 | Volume 28 (3 issues)

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On Watch xxvii-2 | Summer 2017

Online edition | PDF


MLTF OnWatch Spring 2017 xxvii-1

  • What Does a Trump Administration Mean for the GI Rights Advocacy Community?
  • 2017 National Defense Authorization Act Personnel Provisions
  • The Injustices of Manning’s Ordeal
  • Book Review: Court-Martial: How Military Justice Has Shaped America
  • Announcements

2016 | Volume 27

On-Watch Fall 2016, XXVII.3

  • New Military Transgender Policy
  • 2016 NLG Convention Report
  • GI Rights Network Conference 2016
  • Chelsea Manning Update

On watch 2016 Spring XXVII.2

  • Trends in Conscientious Objector Cases
  • Hobby Lobby and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act: New Arguments for Military Conscientious Objectors?
  • Cushing v. Tetter: Still a Good Tool in the Box
  • It Is Time to Abolish Draft Registration and Restore Full Rights to People of Conscience

On watch 2016 Winter XXVII.1

  •  Women in Combat: A historical and political analysis of “change” in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Military Sexual Assault Policy Updates
  • MLTF Resources on Military Sexual Violence
  • When the Mother’s Military Status Punishes the Child (FERES doctrine)
  • The Military after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

2015 | Volume 26

2015 xxvi.1

  • Born in VietNam: MLTF History
  • DES Changes
  • Chelsea Manning Update
  • MLTF NLG Convention Preview

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