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MLTF produces a number of publications and other resources which are available free of charge (donations appreciated) for online reading or download & printing. Also check out our links page for non-MLTF resources that may be of interest


MLTF legal memos are written by lawyers, legal workers, and highly experienced GI Rights counselors and advocates. Based on military regulations and policies, as well as information gained in the field of GI Rights advocacy, these seek to provide other law professionals, lay counselors, servicemembers, vets and family members or allies with accurate, timely and easy-to-understand information about the topic. We are a small, volunteer organization but try to keep these updated as policies and practices in the military change.


We occasionally produce handouts that focus on a narrow subject that we feel addresses a current need. Examples include our 2011 flyer directed at active duty servicemembers, reservists and veterans facing harassment and/or legal sanctions for participating in Occupy Wall Street protests.


We also sometimes publish more extensively on a topic, such as our booklet on “Challenging Military Sexual Violence.”

If you have any questions, or need further assistance with any of our resource materials, please contact us, or call The GI Rights Hotline for personal and confidential counseling for your issue.

Note on bad links within our documents MLTF makes every effort to keep external links in our articles up to date (especially where substantive policy/regulation changes are involved), but you may find that some don’t work. This may be due to a site or page being offline temporarily (try again in a day or two), or a permanent deletion or relocation of the material. If you encounter bad links, a wider Internet search on the title or terms may produce the info you are looking for. We welcome any reports of such bad links using our contact form.

The memos are displayed with the most recent (or major revised) at the top.

MLTF Fact Sheets on Servicemember Rights