Fall 2019 issue of On Watch

Vol. 30 No. 3

2019 UCMJ Changes – A Summary
Military Patients’ Rights
Transgender Ban Update
Book Review: Vietnam Reconsidered by John Ketwig

Summer 2019 issue of On Watch

Vol. 30 No. 2

Military Equal Opportunity Policy – Air Force Regulations
Department Of Defense Report On Military Sexual Assault
Transgender Ban Update
Ex-Director of Selective Service Calls for End to Draft Registration
2019 GI Rights Network Conference Report
Obituary: Kit Anderton

Spring 2019 issue of On Watch

Vol. XXX, No. 1


The End of Male-Only Draft Registration
“A Modern-Day Draft, If Marketed Carefully and Cleverly …”
C.O. Registry Set Up Ahead of Expected Draft Registration Changes
When Reservists Live Distant from Their Unit
Transgender Ban Update

MLTF responds to SCOTUS decision on Transgender ban

As 2019 began, the administration’s attempt to ban military service by transgender people was blocked by four nationwide injunctions in Washington State, California, Washington D.C. and in Maryland. In November, 2018, the Justice Department had petitioned the United States Supreme Court and…Read More »