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Lavender Gunderson, a survivor of military recruiter sexual abuse, is seeking discharge reclassification in order to access VA health care unjustly denied her. This petition was created to allow her supporters to express support for her case, as well as to call on our government to take decisive action to stop US military recruiter abuse.

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We the undersigned state the following:1. We express our strong support for Annette Lavender Gunderson in her request for relief from the Board of Corrections of Naval Records (BCNR), and we urge the board to give full consideration of her request to change the grounds of her discharge to a medical separation on the grounds of PTSD, the result of being raped by her recruiter and being subjected to inhumane treatment by the US Navy during her time in the service.2. We urge Congress to enact new legislation to ensure that recruiters not engage in sexual harassment, abuse, or assault.

3. We urge the Executive Branch (including President Biden, the Secretary of Defense, and all branch secretaries) to take immediate action to enact enhanced regulations to ensure that recruiters not engage in sexual harassment, abuse or assault.

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