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Trump’s Illegal Use of Military Against Anti-Racist Uprisings Portends Battles Ahead

Sidebar: See MLTF Statement on Use of National Guard for Anti-Racism Protests. BY MARJORIE COHN | ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT TRUTHOUT The backlash against Donald Trump’s illegal show of military force against anti-racist protesters compelled him to withdraw the troops — for now.…Read More »

CLE Training: Help National Guard members avoid deployment against anti-racist protesters in US cities

NOTE: This CLE (continuing legal education) seminar is free to watch at the link below. If you wish to receive a certificate showing you completed the course and CLE credits for attorneys (see below for details), please register at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZArdeygqzguG9H0ltlNBkabnHKNS-E-HI2P…Read More »