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On Watch 32.1 Spring 2021

Transgender Ban Update Discharge Upgrade For Vietnam Vet Part II: The Legal Roadmap DoD Survey Shows Racial Bias Permeates U.S. Military 2021 National Defense Authorization Act – Personnel Provisions In Memoriam – Reber Boult Announcements: Anti-Racism Sub-Committee Click the links above for…Read More »

On Watch 29.4 Fall 2018

Deployed to the Border: A Test of Conscience for Service Members Military Equal Opportunity Policies New Navy Policy on ‘Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions’ Army Captain Under Scrutiny for Tweeting Facts About U.S. Military Update on Military Transgender Policy Report from…Read More »

On Watch 29.3 Fall 2018

Rescuing 17 Year Olds from Military Enlistment Contracts NNOMY Counter-Recruitment Summit Report Selective Service Commission Holds Chicago Hearing Personnel Provisions of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act Thinking About MLTF’s Future Members’ Thoughts on MLTF Future Priorities

On Watch 29.2 Summer 2018

Understanding and Dealing Wwith Defenses, Mitigation, Extenuation and Aggravation for US Military Absence Offenses, Part 2 Opportunity for Increased Discharge Review Fairness and Transparency Under Review Board Supplemental Guidance Commission on Selective Service Holds Hearings Transgender Service Ban – Continuing Attempts to…Read More »

On Watch 29.1 Spring 2018

Understanding and Dealing with Defenses, Mitigation, Extenuation And Aggravation for US Military Absence Offenses – Part 1 New Military Policy on Harassment Countering Military Recruitment Using Social Media in the Military Update on Military Transgender Policy Personnel Provisions of the 2018 National…Read More »

On Watch 28.3-4 Fall-Winter 2017

Double Issue Veterans and the Trump Resistance DoD Updates Instruction on Conscientious Objection Updated MLTF Guide to Challenging Military Sexual Violence MLTF Update on Transgender Service Ban Guidance on Servicemember Dissent On Watch 40 Year Retrospective Concerns About Ken Burns PBS Vietnam…Read More »

On Watch 28.2 Summer 2017

Hazing and Bullying in the Military New Air Force CO Instruction DoD Transgender Policies To Be Delayed? Chelsea Manning Released – Rejoicing Tempered by Reality Report ON GI Rights Hotline Annual Conference MLTF Contingency Planning for Warfare In Memory of Teresa Panepinto…Read More »