On Watch – MLTF Quarterly Journal

On Watch is MLTF’s quarterly military law journal and newsletter. Members and non-member subscribers receive each issue (in PDF format) as it is published, either by email or by accessing the member-only section of the website. Issues are made available to the general public on our web site about a month after that. Don’t delay reading the latest articles on military law practice and GI rights that are regular features of every On Watch.

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Latest volume available to public:

Volume XXXI, Vol 2 (Summer 2020)

  • MLTF Statement on Use of National Guard for Anti-Racism Protests
  • Illegal Use of Military Against Anti-Racist Uprisings Portends Battles Ahead
  • MLTF Statement Regarding Military Policy on COVID-19
  • U.S. Military Response to COVID-19
  • Future of the Draft Goes to Congress After National Commission Recommends Expanding Selective Service Registration to Women
  • National Commission Recommendation Features Creeping Militarism
  • Immigration Update: Selected Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020
  • Transgender Ban Update
  • Announcements

Volume XXXI, Vol 1 (Spring 2020)

  • Challenging Reprisals for Sexual Assault Reports by Sabrina Merold
  • Selective Service Issues by Edward Hasbrouck
  • Personnel Provisions in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act by Kathy Gilberd
  • New Policy Allowing Military Medical Malpractice Claims by Aaron Frishberg
  • Transgender Ban Update by Jeff Lake
  • Afghanistan Papers by David Gespass
  • Announcements

Winter 2019 issue of On Watch

Vol. 30 No. 4

  • New Army Co Regulations
  • Military Patients’ Privacy Rights
  • When Reservists Live Distant From Their Unit (Update)
  • Policy Guidance For Discharge Review Boards And Boards For Correction
  • Opinion: President Trump And Military Accountability
  • Free Resources On Military Law
  • Waging Peace In Vietnam: U.S. Soldiers And Veterans Who Opposed The War [Book Review]
  • 2019 NLG Convention Report