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‘On Watch: Critical Perspectives in Military Law’ Volume 32, 2021

Minor Changes on Milpersman Reveal Navy Bias Against Conscientious Objectors

By Bill Galvin In December the Navy issued new conscientious objector regulations, Milpersman 1900-020. It is essentially the same as the previous version, with some reorganization and minor changes in wording to bring it more in alignment with DODI 1300.06, which was…Read More »

Free speech in the military – the case of Cpt Alan Kennedy

by James M. Branum See update. In the messaging put out by US military recruiters, one common theme is that the military “protects freedom,”[1] but unfortunately the military itself does a poor job of protecting the rights of its members to engage…Read More »

On Watch 32.1 Spring 2021

Transgender Ban Update Discharge Upgrade For Vietnam Vet Part II: The Legal Roadmap DoD Survey Shows Racial Bias Permeates U.S. Military 2021 National Defense Authorization Act – Personnel Provisions In Memoriam – Reber Boult Announcements: Anti-Racism Sub-Committee Click the links above for…Read More »