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MLTF has several active committees that are open to members and friends. The best way to get involved with the MLTF’s work is through committee projects. Contact us for more information. In interested, fill out this form and we will get back…Read More »

CLE Training: The Limits of the Illegal Orders Defense and Possible Alternative Protections Under Military Law during the 2020 Presidential Election and its aftermath

Topic/Background: During the last four years of the Trump administration, we have seen a growing use of military units in politicized ways against civilian populations in this country, including in the deployments to the US border and the more recent deployments of…Read More »

Programs and Services

The Task Force engages in ongoing legal research, education and support work, and offers a number of resources designed to aid understanding of military law, the role of the military in a free democracy, and the rights of military personnel and veterans.…Read More »