By | January 6, 2020

The MLTF has updated its Discharge Upgrades memo to include important changes in Discharge Review Board and Board for Correction of Military Records policies. Several Department of Defense memoranda written in the last three years encourage the Boards to give more “liberal consideration” to many veterans seeking upgrades, and these are discussed in detail in the second half of this memo.

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  1. Charles Talley

    I have applied for a Upgrade again. I am waiting and I need help to get VA benefits. I am 73 and am a Vietnam Vet with an Undesirable Discharge. I received an Upgrade (General) in 1977 but I was out of the Country in 1978 and the Discharge Review Board did not affirm it. I have and have had PTSD and other disabilities and I applied to the VA in 1999 but was turned down (willful and persistant misconduct). I put in for conscientious objection status after a year in the Army and went AWOL when I was given orders to go to Vietnam. I was given a Special CM and the Hard Labor part was dropped if I went to Vietnam. I was told I would not have to carry a weapon and I could resubmit my application for CO status if I went. I did this as soon as I arrived at the DMZ. (story about waiting 6 months for a decision) After the application came back disapproved I was told I would have to stand Guard Duty on the Perimeter of LZ Sharon. I went AWOL. (story here) Charles Talley


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