By | 11/21/2017

Swords to Plowshares has published a new self-help guide for veterans on discharge review, “Upgrading Your Discharge and Changing the Reason for Your Discharge.” It’s comprehensive, easy to understand, and covers the recent Hagel and Kurta memos on cases involving PTSD, TBI, other mental health conditions, and sexual assault or sexual harassment.

PDF version for download/printing.

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About Kathleen Gilberd

Kathleen Gilberd is a legal worker in San Diego, California, working in the areas of discharges and discharge review. She is the Executive Director of The Military Law Task Force. She works extensively with the San Diego Military Counseling Project and serves on the board of directors of the national GI Rights Network. She is the author (with Majorie Cohn) of 'Rules of Disengagement: the Politics and Honor of Military Dissent'. She was also the contributing author in Clark Boardman Callahan’s 'Sexual Orientation and the Law'. Her website can be found at