A new MLTF memo on Military Transgender Policy is now available. Written by Kathleen Gilberd, the memo will likely need regular updating during a period when this policy set is undergoing review. On July 1, new policy on recruitment was set to go into effect, but was instead postponed for six months. Other changes are possible as the new administration addresses the issue. Please check back or search for the latest updates and news on this topic before taking action, or call us.

Editor’s note, July 5, 2017:  This policy is undergoing regular transition within the US military and this page will be updated regularly to reflect the latest information available to us. The most recent update timestamp is below the article. 

Editor’s note, July 30, 2017: On July 26th, President Trump tweeted his decision that transgender personnel would no longer be able to serve in the military. Policy by tweet left people, including Pentagon officials, confused about what would happen and when. The next day, the 27th, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff informed the services that no policy change will go into effect until Trump has issued a new policy to DoD, and DoD in turn issues a policy change. Until then, the JCS Chairman says, current regs are in effect. He added that all servicemembers would be treated with respect.

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