After more than two and a half years in jail — some of that in solitary confinement under barbaric conditions — Bradley Manning is finally approaching trial. Pre-trial hearings have been going on for several months, and more will be held in January and February, 2013. Currently, his court-martial is scheduled to begin on March 6, and it is expected to run through mid-April. (The court-martial date has been postponed in the past, and the current date isn’t set in stone.)

The Bradley Manning Support Network is planning demonstrations at Ft. Meade, Maryland, where the hearings and court-martial are to be held, and has called on supporters who cannot come to Meade to organize local demonstrations or other events. As the schedule develops, information will be available at

This case is not only about the future of a brave young soldier, but also about our government’s commission of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, crimes made public by WikiLeaks on the basis of the information allegedly leaked by Manning. The Military Law Task Force encourages supporters to attend the demonstration and court-martial at Ft. Meade, or to join in support demonstrations in their area.