Dear MLTF members,

I am writing to let you all know about a recent change in our MLTF officers.

After serving for a little over 4 years in the role of either co-chair or chair of the MLTF, I decided it was time for me to transition to a new role in this organization that will give me more time for training and writing on military law issues.

My resignation was accepted last night by our MLTF steering committee, and the vacancy was filled by the election of Dan Mayfield and Jeff Lake to be co-chairs. During the same meeting, I was elected to be our secretary (filling the vacancy left by the passing away of Karen Detamore).

I have greatly enjoyed my work as chair of the MLTF. These last few years have been a time of building and strengthening our organization, but I feel confident that the coming years will be a time of even greater growth and organizational effectiveness.

I also want to take a moment to express my appreciation for our MLTF Steering committee (one of the most active boards of any non-profit group I’ve seen), Marti Hiken (previous MLTF chair & co-chair, for building a strong foundation of members and supporters during her years), and Kathy Gilberd (previous MLTF co-chair and our current executive director, who has been a dear friend as well as a trusted comrade in the struggle). These folks have made my experience as chair a rewarding experience.

In solidarity,
James M. Branum