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New Military Transgender Policy

By Kathleen Gilberd

At the end of June, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced a change in military policy that will allow transgender individuals to serve openly in the military. Under previous policy, they were prohibited from enlisting in the service and subject to administrative discharge if they began gender transition or simply announced their desire to do so. With Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM) 16-005, “Military Service of Transgender Service Members” (http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/DTM-16-005.pdf), and DoD Instruction 1300.28, “In-Service Transition for Transgender Service Members”, DoD has now established an initial policy for retention, service and, eventually, enlistment of transgender individuals. While the new policy has significant limitations, and places much control in the hands of doctors and commanders, it represents a real victory for those who fought against the old policy.

Updated Memo: Military Medical Policies

This is an January 2014 update that replaces the 2007 memo titled Medical Discharge and Retirement. The revision was done by Alison Carter, Kathleen Gilberd, Jeff Matus, and Katie Tastrom, with helpful comments from Kit Anderton and Lenore Yarger.

Update to these documents (8/8/2014):

Our documents linked here do not yet incorporate the following updates. When they do, this message will be deleted. As always, if you are using older hard copy documents, check our site for more recent versions and/or DoD updates. 

DoD has reissued DoD Instruction1332.18, canceling both the older version and DoD Instruction 1332.38., along with Memoranda and Directive-Type Memoranda. At the same time, DoD has published two volumes of a DoD Manual 1332.18.


MLTF provides GI Rights trainers for Coffee Strong

MLTF will be providing trainers for two GI Rights training workshops at Coffee Strong in December. Coffee Strong is a GI Rights coffeehouse and resource center near Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, and also is one of the member groups providing volunteer lay counseling on the GI Rights Hotline.

Executive Director Kathy Gilberd, along with Seattle area attorney and MLTF member David Miner, will conduct a two-day introductory GI Rights hotline training, then Kathy will lead an advanced workshop on discharge upgrades.

coffeestrong banner



MLTF works hand in hand with GIRN at 2013 GI Rights Network Conference

Kathy Gilberd of MLTLF and Lenore Yarger participate in a panel discussion at the 2013 GI Rights Network Conference. Photo by Siri Margerin.

Kathy Gilberd of MLTLF and Lenore Yarger participate in a panel discussion at the 2013 GI Rights Network Conference

The 2013 GI Rights Network conference, held in Santa Cruz, CA, from March 7 through 10, once again was an opportunity to witness the strong bonds between MLTF and the network of (mostly) lay volunteers that staff the GI Rights Hotline with self-directed groups across the US.

It’s always a time not just for sharing skills and knowledge, but checking in with friends and colleagues working in the broader movement for GI Rights.

MLTF Executive Director Kathy Gilberd is as invaluable to GIRN volunteers as she is to those of us in the Task Force, and the warm, grateful reception she gets from conference attendees each year is witness to this reality.

In addition to working on some element of conference planning each year, she leads or co-leads numerous workshops and sits on several panels on multiple issues. Plus, she runs the MLTF literature table, which also offers, for a modest donation, the jewelry and knitted scarves she has created throughout the year. While other MLTF members attend GIRN conferences, provide their expertise on panels, and often lead workshops, to hotline workers, Kathy is the face and voice of MLTF and they always express a great deal of regard and gratitude for her, and thus MLTF’s, contributions.

According to Kathy, this year “attendees included a mix of current counselors and new ones — mostly IVAW members who attended a pre-conference basic training seminar (and most of whom will work with the Coffee Strong/GIRN group or with Bay Area GIRN). We had good attendance from MLTF attorneys and counselors, including attorneys from the Bay Area and our co-chairs from San Jose, and a couple of lawyers from the East Coast.”

MLTF’s Kathleen Gilberd to receive ‘Service Provider of the Year’ award from SWAN at 2013 Truth and Justice Summit

The Service Women’s Action Network has announced its Provider of the Year Award and one of the two recipients is our own Kathleen Gilberd!

photo of Kathleen GilberdKathy has been active with the Military Law Task Force for many years, and in 2012 was appointed Executive Director. She is an independent legal worker in San Diego, a volunteer with the San Diego Military Counseling Project, and a board member of the GI Rights Network. She also serves on the advisory committee of the Bradley Manning Support Network. She has conducted too many workshops on counseling on military sexual assault to list, and participated in numerous panels on the topic. She will travel to SWAN’s Truth and Justice Summit in April to receive the award.

Also receiving the award will be Public Counsel Law Center‘s Center for Veterans Advancement.