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David Gespass is a former president of the National Lawyers Guild, and a founding member of its Military Law Task Force. An attorney in private practice in Birmingham, Alabama, he is also an adjunct professor at University of Alabama School of Law.

Verdict in Manning Case Slow Death for Democracy

By | 07/30/2013

Op-Ed for MLTF [Update]: In a public statement issued on 8/22/13, Pvt. Manning disclosed that her name is now Chelsea Manning, and that she is a female. Going forward, we will honor her request to use her new name and appropriate pronouns, in support…Read More »

Military (In)Justice: Real problems, phony answers (Op-Ed)

By | 05/10/2013

This article is an official statement of the Military Law Task Force and represents its views. The author is a founder of the Task Force, and currently serves on its steering committee. In the aftermath of the reports that Air Force Lt.…Read More »