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Updated Memo: Military Medical Policies

This is an January 2014 update that replaces the 2007 memo titled Medical Discharge and Retirement. The revision was done by Alison Carter, Kathleen Gilberd, Jeff Matus, and Katie Tastrom, with helpful comments from Kit Anderton and Lenore Yarger.

Update to these documents (8/8/2014):

Our documents linked here do not yet incorporate the following updates. When they do, this message will be deleted. As always, if you are using older hard copy documents, check our site for more recent versions and/or DoD updates. 

DoD has reissued DoD Instruction1332.18, canceling both the older version and DoD Instruction 1332.38., along with Memoranda and Directive-Type Memoranda. At the same time, DoD has published two volumes of a DoD Manual 1332.18.


Memo Update: Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings

MLTF’s memo “Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings”  has been updated as of October 2013. It gives an overview of administrative discharges and procedures for challenging them. Written for attorneys and counselors, it is also helpful for servicemembers who are facing involuntary discharge.

Parts I and II were written by Kathleen Gilberd, a legal worker in San Diego who works in the areas of discharges and discharge review, and is executive director of the MLTF. Part III was written by Bridget Wilson, who practices military law in San Diego and is a volunteer attorney with the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

This replaces the 2007 edition of the memo by the same title.

New MLTF memo on Article 138 complaints


Servicemembers can complain about wrongs done to them by their command under Article 138, UCMJ. Although this is a powerful tool, few people know about it. This memo gives an overview of the complaint procedure and discusses some of the differences among the service branches.

Access the memo in the version of your choice, using the buttons on the right.

Memo Update: Military Sexual Assault and Harassment

Military Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Memo (PDF) – original 2010 memo by Kathleen Gilberd and Bridgit Wilson

Policies have changed, so be sure to download and read the update below.

Military Sexual Assault. Update March 2012 (PDF)

“AWOL in the Army” version 3 now available

Photo by James M. Branum

Photo by James M. Branum

The MLTF has just released version 3 of James M. Branun’s AWOL in the Army memo. Branum is currently co-chair of the MLTF Steering Committee. The memo includes a flow chart and addendum on AWOL/UA policies for other branches

“This edition of the article includes lots of new information and resources,” Branum explained, “such as (1) a better flow chart, (2) new info on new efforts by the Army to apprehend AWOLs, (3) more discussion on alternatives to court-martial, (4) discussions on mitigation/defenses to absence offenses, and (5) updated information on policies and practices currently used at the Fort Sill and Fort Knox PCF’s (personnel control facility)”

The addendum is by Kathy Gilberd, an experienced military law worker and GI Rights counselor currently serving as MLTF co-chair, on AWOL/UA policies for the Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

The 34-page memo can be downloaded as a PDF at: http://nlgmltf.org/wp/downloads/memos/awol.v3.pdf