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Deployed to the Border: A Test of Conscience for Gi’s

By | 11/28/2018

Use the button to download a PDF version of this memo for offline reading/printing. Download and print cards to distribute to deployed troops. by James M. Branum November 2018 Critical legal information for US servicemembers concerned about the legality of orders to…Read More »

Article 138 Complaints: Servicemembers’ Tool for Redress

By | 06/10/2014

By Kathleen Gilberd Rev. Date: 2013 (Use the button to download a PDF version of this memo for offline reading/printing.) Complaints under Article 138 of the UCMJ are among the most powerful means of redress available to servicemembers; they tend to be…Read More »

Memo Update: Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings

By | 11/21/2013

This memo, updated as of Oct. 2013, gives an overview of administrative discharges and procedures for challenging them. It is written for Written for attorneys and counselors, but can also be helpful for servicemembers who are facing involuntary discharge.

Memo: Hardship and Dependency Discharges

By | 03/17/2010

This memo provides an overview of the criteria and procedures for hardship and dependency discharge, with some discussion of the differences among the services. Although it was written for counselors and attorneys, it may be of assistance to servicemembers and their families submitting discharge applications.

Memo: Command Influence

By | 09/22/2009

 A PDF version of this publication, for download and printing, can be found here. Command Influence By Bob Harmon DATE: August 12, 2005 “Command influence is the mortal enemy of military justice.” 1 –US Ct. of Military Appeals, 1986 “The good news…Read More »