Directory of military regulations on most common GI rights questions

These links lead to the regulations that cover the most common GI Rights concerns. The links in the left column lead to pages on our site where you will find MLTF content that deals with the topic, including legal memos, fact sheets and annotations.

We strive to keep these links updated when changes occur, but if you find that we do not link to the latest regs, please let us know.

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Air Force




Enlisted Administrative Separations

Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations

Administrative Separation of Airmen

The Naval Military Personnel Manual

Discharge Section

The Marine Corps Separation and Retirement Manual (chapter 6 covers administrative discharges)

Medical Discharge/ Retirement

Physical Disability Evaluation

Standards of Medical Fitness

(standards for enlistment are in chapter 2; standards for medical discharge/retirement are in chapter 3)

Physical Evaluation for Retention, Retirement and Separation

Conscientious Objection

Conscientious Objectors

Conscientious Objection

Procedures for Applying as a Conscientious Objector

Convenience of the Government Separation Based on Conscientious Objection

MCO 1306.16E

(link to MLTF-hosted PDF)

Article 138, UCMJ

Redress of Grievance

Military Justice

Complaints of Wrong Under Article 138, Uniform Code of Military Justice

Manual of the Judge Advocate General (chapter 3)


Handling Dissident and Protest Activities among Members of the Armed Forces

Military Whistleblower Protection

Army: Army Command Policy (chapter 5)




Air Force



Sexual Assault

Army Command Policy

(chapter 8 and appendices F – K.)

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program

Sexual Harassment

Department of Defense Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program

Army Command Policy

(chapter 7 and appendix D)

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program