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MLTF anti-racism committee

Working against racism and white supremacy in the military is one of MLTF’s priority areas. Committee activities include: Monitoring military policies on racial discrimination and white supremacy Evaluating and critiquing military regulations on discrimination, white supremacy and related issues Developing know-your-rights materials…Read More »

Free Speech in the Military – The Case of Cpt Alan Kennedy

by James M. Branum In the messaging put out by US military recruiters, one common theme is that the military “protects freedom,”[1] but unfortunately the military itself does a poor job of protecting the rights of its members to engage in their…Read More »

Supreme Court refuses to weigh constitutionality of male-only draft

“Worst news in years for opponents of the draft and draft registration” Editor’s Note: Due to the timely and critical nature of this article, which was included in the Summer 2021 issue of On Watch, we are bypassing our usual 30-day hold…Read More »

Winter 2019 issue of On Watch

Vol. 30 No. 4

New Army Co Regulations
Military Patients’ Privacy Rights
When Reservists Live Distant From Their Unit (Update)
Policy Guidance For Discharge Review Boards And Boards For Correction
Opinion: President Trump And Military Accountability
Free Resources On Military Law
Waging Peace In Vietnam: U.S. Soldiers And Veterans Who Opposed The War [Book Review]
2019 NLG Convention Report