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Veterans #Resist

By | 10/31/2017
This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series  On Watch 28.3-4 Fall-Winter 2017 Double Issue

by Rena Guay Since election day, an anti-Trump movement has arisen and grown, as the president’s unstable, unconstitutional, racist, and simply bizarre pronouncements and policy-by-Tweet have jolted Americans into action to defend minorities, the sick or disabled and even democracy itself. Collectively,…Read More »

New guidance on discharge upgrade applications related to mental health, TBI, sexual assault and sexual harassment

By | 08/30/2017

The Department of Defense has issued a new guidance on discharge upgrade applications based on mental health conditions, traumatic brain injury, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.  In the past few years, the department has issued guidance for consideration of post-traumatic stress disorder…Read More »

Discharge Upgrades: Introductory Material and Resources for Attorneys and Counselors

By | 06/10/2014

Print version (PDF) Updated: June 2014 | Links updated July 2017   Basics of Discharge Upgrading By Tom Turcotte Advocates of active-duty military members will deal with people in situations that inevitably result in the receipt of less than fully honorable discharges. There…Read More »

Navigating the VA

By | 02/26/2013

A basic guide to how the VA system works and how to get earned benefits, along with practice pointers for vets and their advocates. By Becca von Behren Whether a service member wants to stay in the military or is fighting to…Read More »

‘Survival Guide’ helps servicemembers and vets gain benefits and services

By | 03/30/2009

The National Veterans Legal Services Program has published a 605-page guide (PDF) that is an in depth survey of the problems faced by and servicemembers (and their families), and the benefits and services available to them. It provides tips for navigating the realities…Read More »