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Non-Judicial Punishment: Middle Ground Between Admin Proceedings And Courts-Martial

 This material appeared in the June 2014 issue of On Watch (Volume XXV No.2). The PDF version of the issue is available in the On Watch archive, and a stand-alone memo version is pending. 

James M. Branum on Democracy Now, June 4 2014

James M. Branum on Democracy Now, June 4 2014

by James M. Branum

In this article I will be discussing an important area of the UCMJ, Article 15 (NPJ: Non-Judicial Punishment)1. NJP is used by commanders to deal with misconduct issues that are too serious to be dealt with using administrative corrective procedures, but are minor enough to not necessarily be appropriately handled through a full court-martial prosecution.2

While it is often neglected as area of concern by many attorneys, this is a mistake. NJP is one of the most powerful disciplinary tools used by commands to punish servicemembers for “crimes” while avoiding a formal court-martial proceeding.3 As such, the practical ramifications for servicemembers facing NJP can be serious.

In this article I will review the statutory and regulatory basis for NJP and then move to a practical discussion of tactics that can be used in dealing with a possible NJP. Much of this discussion will be relevant for all branches of the military, but I will only be discussing the branch-specific regulations of the Army. If your case involves another branch of the military, it is essential that you refer to the appropriate branch-specific regulations.

CLE: US Army AWOL – Tips for civilian defense attorneys

The Military Law Task of the National Lawyers Guild along with the Southwest and Texoma regions of the National Lawyers Guild are proud to present a continuing legal education seminar.

US Army AWOL – Practice tips for Civilian Attorneys

Presented by James M. Branum

[notification type=”info”]Update: The presentation can now be viewed here, free of charge, or on MLTF’s Ustream channel.. [/notification]

MLTF Chair participates in Russia Today TV program debate regarding US Army whistleblower Bradley Manning

MLTF Chair James M. Branum particpated in a discussion about Bradley Mannings's case on Russia Today network..

The Russia Today network hosted a debate on US Army whistleblower Bradley Manning. They invited MLTF Chair James M. Branum, of Oklahoma City, to join the panel to argue on behalf of Private Manning.

Other participants included Bob Meola in Berkeley, CA (commissioner of the Berkeley Peace & Justice Commission) and Seton Motley in Washington, DC (of the Less Government Foundation). The moderator was Peter Lavelle in the RT.com studios in Moscow. Each joined the conversation from studios in their home cities.

The full broadcast can also be viewed here: RT.com: “Mannings Trials” (CrossTalk Episode – December 16, 2011)