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Member resources

By | 12/06/2013

MLTF members enjoy the following perks: Early access to the latest issue of On Watch, which features timely articles on the various aspects of military law, GI Rights, and military-related news of interest to our members. (Non-member subscriptions to On Watch are…Read More »


By | 03/27/2011

The Military Law Task Force (MLTF) is a national committee of the National Lawyers Guild. Its members are attorneys, law students, legal workers (paralegals), jailhouse lawyers, and draft and military counselors (lay advocates) whose work involves military law and policy. The Task…Read More »

MLTF Military Law Library

By | 09/24/2009 This page serves as a directory for accessing the various publications and resources produced by MLTF. It also includes links to all the the categories and tags we use for our content. The Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild…Read More »


By | 09/22/2009

MLTF has several standing committees. Members are invited to get involved with the MLTF’s work through committee projects. Contact us for more information. Finance – record-keeping, preparing annual budget, preparing financial reports, etc Fundraising – helping with researching foundations, grant-writing, phonebanking for…Read More »