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Memo: Hardship and Dependency Discharges

PDF for download/printing: MLTF Hardship memo

The Army dependency and hardship regulation reads as follows: (from Army Regulation (AR) 635-200, Ch. 6, Sec. 6-3):

a. Dependency. Dependency exists when death or disability of a member of a Soldier’s (or spouse’s) immediate family causes that member to rely upon the Soldier for principal care or support.


b. Hardship. Hardship exists when in circumstances not involving death or disability of a member of the Soldier’s (or spouse’s) immediate family, separation from the Service will materially affect the care or support of the family by alleviating undue and genuine hardship.


(1) Conditions have arisen or have been aggravated to an excessive degree since entry on AD or ADT.

(2) Conditions are not of a temporary nature.

(3) Every reasonable effort has been made by the Soldier to alleviate the dependency or hardship conditions without success.

(4) Separation from active military service of the Soldier is the only readily available means of eliminating or materially alleviating the dependency or hardship conditions.

This memo provides an overview of the criteria and procedures for hardship and dependency discharge, with some discussion of the differences among the services. Although it was written for counselors and attorneys, it may be of assistance to servicemembers and their families submitting discharge applications.