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Latest volume :

On Watch December 2014 xxv No. 4   (PDF)

  • Secularism the new face of CO
  • Adjustment disorder discharges
  • News & Notes
  • Op-Ed: Modernizing Nukes
  • 2014 NLG Convention Report
  • Stopping militarization of public schools



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 On Watch September 2014 xxv No. 3 (PDF)

On Watch June, 2014 Vol. xxv No. 2 (PDF)

On Watch March 2014 xxv No.1

  • A Day with JROTC: Training ‘Gangsters for Capitalism’
  • Regional News
  • Under the Hood turns five with new board and projects
  • Military Law and the New NDAA
  • Senate blocks Gillibrand sexual assault bill
  • The truth about defense cuts
Onwatch XXIV.4 – December 2013 

Issue XXIV.3  – September 2013

XXIV.2 June 2013

Onwatch XXIV.1  March 2013


XXIII.4 December 2012

  • Advocacy to address sexual assault in the military
  • Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) update
  • Update on Bradley Manning trial
  • Counseling servicemembers in involuntary separations
  • Coffee Strong to become first worker center for servicemembers
  • MLTF news and notes
  • MLTF at 2012 NLG Convention

XXIII.3 September 2012

  • Representing members of the Armed Forces in Federal Court
  • Fifth Annual GI Rights Network Conference
  • Swords to Plowshares helps medic
  • Book Review: The Passion of Bradley Manning
  • Support actions at Obama campaign offices Sept. 6
  • MLTF events at 2012 NLG convention
  • MLTF launches online book store
  • MLTF news and notes

XXIII.2 June 2012

  • ‘Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions’ Discharges
  • Disability evaluation process changes
  • Karen Detamore obituary
  • Ninth Circuit halts vets VA case
  • New On Watch feature assists digital reading
  • Save the date for NLG annual convention
  • MLTF news and notes

XXIII.1 March 2012

  • Analysis of new policies on sexual assault
  • PTSD suit settled, vets win benefits
  • GI Rights counselors seeing more CO applications
  • Bradley Manning update
  • DoD changes re dissent and protest
  • MLTF news and notes

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