GI Rights, Military Law Counseling, AWOL-UA and CO Support Organizations and Resources

Other than the Military Law Task Force’s many services for servicemembers, attorneys and legal workers, the following organizations or resources may be of assistance.

United States

 GI Rights Network | list of member groups


Limited Email counseling: girights [at] girightshotline [dot] org

Operates a confidential information hotline, staffed by trained  lay counselors.

You may need to leave your contact info for a call-back. The Hotline is non-political and not affiliated with the US military. Calls, taken by trained volunteer counselors, are free and confidential. The MLTF is a member of the GI Rights Network that operates the hotline.

  • Center on Conscience – specializes in counseling counseling conscientious objectors and assisting with applications for CO status/discharge.
  • Oklahoma Center for Conscience – offers low cost legal services for conscientious objectors
  • Coffee Strong – veteran-operated servicemember and veterans rights center located next to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.
  • Under the Hood – GI Rights coffeehouse and resource center in Killeen Texas near Ft. Hood


AWOL in Canada Counseling Memo  – 2006 memo written for MLTF by Gerry Condon

War Resisters Support Campaign  –  founded in 2004 to assist U.S. military personnel who refused to participate in the Iraq war and came to Canada seeking asylum.

Editor’s note: info below from their website, and updated as of 2/2012

National Campaign Office:
Phone: 416.598.1222

Mailing Address:
Box 13, 427 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1X7

Contacts by city:

  • Toronto:
  • Vancouver:
  • Victoria:

Citizenship and Immigration office of the Government of Canada


The Clearing Barrel Bar and Café
Kaiserslautern, Germany (location of Ramstein Air Base and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center)

Run by an Iraq vet who has been trained by the GI Rights Network.

General Resources

AWOL in the Army v.3 – written by MLTF member James M. Branum. Mostly focuses on Army, but in ncludes info about other services/ UA

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